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                Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  •  Why do you charge a deposit and what does it cover? When is the deposit due?
In order to secure your party, you must pay a $100 non refundable deposit. Your deposit is due a week (7days) before your party.  This amount goes toward your total balance.

  •  What is your cancellation policy? 
In the event of cancellation, your deposit is non-refundable, however it is transferable to a different date or service.

  •  What is your reschedule policy?
I If you cancel 48 hours before your party is scheduled to begin, we can offer a reschedule for no additional charge. If you can't make it the day of your party, there will be a $100 charge to reschedule.

  •  When is my remaining balance due?
Remaining balance is due a minimum of 24 hours before your event. If you pay the day of the event, there is an additional $25 processing fee. 

  • What if I only have a small group? Is there a discount?
  • Is there a minimum age to book a party?

  •  Can I film/take pictures during my party? 
Yes with rules (no filming instructors without their permission), tag the studio on Facebook and IG if you post on social media.#nyaw

  • Do we have to sign waivers?
Yes everyone has to sign a waiver